Ever wanted to be a notary public in South Carolina? September 16 is your big chance

Image by Flickr user David Gallagher

Ever wanted to become a certifier of agreements and oaths, you know like wedding certificates? Well your big chance will be Thursday, September 16, at Trident Technical College's Main Campus Building 920 (map).  

Secretary of State Mark Hammond is offering free regional notary public seminars for all current South Carolina notaries public and those interested in becoming a notary public. The seminars will address state laws governing notaries, notary responsibility and liability, and penalties.

Registration at the seminar will begin at 5:30 pm., however the semin tip ar will not begin until 6, concluding by 7:30. Contact Reneé Daggerhart of the Secretary of State’s Office at (803) 734-0629 or rdaggerhart@sos.sc.gov to pre-register.

A hat tip The Post and Courier for spotting this  one.

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