Come eat some tasty BBQ during #MediaMogul awards

Image by Flickr user ChrysImage by 20090626-dukes.jpg Duke's in Ridgeville.

If you recall, The Charleston Regional Business Journal and TheDigitel held a competition to see who could reach 1,000 followers on Twitter first.

Well, the Business Journal wound up winning 1,000 to 999 and we'll (at long last) be giving out the award and prizes tonight at Duke's BBQ during Lowcountry BBQ's "meatup" in Ridgeville on Friday, June 26. -- Relax, it won't be some lengthy ceremony. It'll be a fun and quick thing and the night will mainly be centered around the tasty tasty BBQ.

Duke's BBQ is at 118 N Railroad Avenue in Ridgeville. Bring cash, and try to be there by 7.

So come along for some tasty 'Q and to see the winner (Hint: The winner know it's him, so if you're wondering if you've won, well, you didn't).

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