Henry Rollins performing spoken word at the Music Farm (update it's today!)

Image by Flickr user meeshy meesh

Update March 5:  The City Paper has picked up the story again.  And now you only have 2 more days, so you should get tickets (they're still available for $20.)  According to the Farm the doors open and 7 and he takes the stage at 8, no openers, so you might even get home (or hit the bars) at a decent hour!

Update December 6: The City Paper has picked up the story as well.

First reporting:  Singer, bandleader, actor, writer, talk-show host, and all-around tattooed media mogul, Henry Rollins, will be performing at the Music Farm on March 5th as part of his Frequent Flyer spoken word tour.

The definition of a self-made man, Rollins got his start in the DC hardcore punk scene in the early 80's with his band, State of Alert.  An impromptu performance with Black Flag of their song "Clocked In" before having to leave the show to return to his day job led to him becoming their lead singer, and the rest is history.  A few years recording and touring with Black Flag, the formation of Rollins Band, a string of acting roles, books, an IFC talk-show, and many spoken word tours and albums were soon to follow.

While the show is three months away, it is epic enough (and potentially popular enough) that you should make a move on tickets ASAP.  They are available at the Farm, through his MusicToday page, and apparently Etix at some point.

The Music Farm is located at 32 Ann Street in downtown Charleston