EPROM prepares to drop bombs at the Music Farm (update: the return of the bass)

Image by Flickr user geeknerd

Update May 28th:  EPROM's first full-length release, Metahuman on Rwina Records, drops any day now, and he's touring the country to support it.

Lucky for us, he carved out a date in Charleston. This time he'll be dropping digital bombs at Boone's Bar, of all places, on Saturday, June 9th. Clicks & Whistles will open, as they are for the entire tour.

Boone's Bar is located at 345 King Street downtown, and the show should start around 10 p.m.

First reporting:

San Francisco-based producer/DJ EPROM is bringing his brand of bassed-out, pixelated, funky madness to the Music Farm on Friday, May 6th as he headlines BASSBash.

There's been a serious revival in bass-based music from California in recent years, most notably in the Bay Area and L.A.. As dubstep have crept westward from the U.K., and underground hip-hop producers began experimenting with off-kilter beats and genres like slap, the lines have really started to blur.

EPROM is a product of and a pioneer in this cauldron of awesomeness. He's not exactly dubstep, or hip-hop, or 8-bit, or synth-funk, but he's certainly a piece of each. Expect dance-floor friendly half-time workouts, bleeps, bloops, and sternum-cracking bass. Or, expect to experience what it's like to live inside a broken Atari 2600 hooked up to a car battery and a sub-woofer, then dropped into the ocean. Whichever one will get you out to see this guy, as he's coming really far just to destroy Lowcountry humanoids. Here are a few live videos to get you jazzed.

The laundry list of local and regional supporting acts include Landsquid, Samples (from Fresh2Death), Intermixture, Skitch, Pericles, and DJM.

Tickets are available for $15 in advance or $20 the day-of, available via Etix, Etix hubs, or at the venue. The Music Farm is located at 32 Ann Street  downtown. Call them at (843) 577-6989 for more info.