The Coastal Cupboard launches new local product "Chomp Stix"

The Coastal Cupboard is launching Charleston’s newest locally made product, Chomp Stix™ from Wednesday, March 6 to Sunday, March 10.

As the exclusive retailer during the launch, the store will host a raffle to give away a set of three Chomp Stix™ each day! They are also available for $7.99 each or three for $21.00. So support our local community and stop by the store's Belle Hall location in Mt. Pleasant to grab your set of Chomp Stix™!

Created by Rush Dixon, owner of Rush 3 Product Design Studio, Chomp Stix™ is a fun and innovative utensil for kids! Chomp Stix™ have a jointed end to make eating easy for children and are available in three different designs; “Chum” the blue shark, “Al” the green alligator, and “Teri” the red pelican. Made from FDA approved polypropylene, these utensils are durable, long lasting, and dishwasher safe. Prior to the launch of Chomp Stix™ Dixon created the Kebo, a one-handed bottle opener that is also available at The Coastal Cupboard.

“Kids will love these! They are easy to use, and will make meal-time more fun and functional.” said Pitner. “They also work great as toast tongs, serving tongs, and even plating tongs. We are honored and excited to exclusively launch this great local product in our store!”

Dixon added, “‘Chompsticks’ was a funny slip of the tongue by my 7-year old one night while eating take-out. I could never look at chopsticks the same way again. The Chomp Stix™ characters were conceived almost instantly. A couple of years and several prototypes later, we are excited to finally bring Chomp Stix to the market™.”