Friday night at Charleston Fashion Week

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Charlotte Gutman and Brian Wilder offer opposing takes on Friday night at Charleston Fashion, followed by a final take from Stella, and then more links to coverage than you can shake a stick at.

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The Charlotte vs. Brian throw down

Here's their take from Friday night's show, followed up with a final take on the night from Stella French. You can view almost all of the night's outfits on our live blog page.

Charlotte Gutman

Friday night was an uber-success for this event. This was by far the busiest night Charleston Fashion Week 2009 has seen thus far. Everyone smiled like they knew they were important. I love that power Fashion Week has on people. Everyone wears their "weekend best" for this event, the best, biggest event that posh Charlestonians get all year long. Some people go to Sacks; some people go to Community Thrift Store, but everyone looks great and they feel confident.

Tonight our seats were changed, and they were even better than previous nights. There were six shows tonight: Teal, V2V, iHeart, Biton, Mary Moo, Gwynn's. Every show was fabulous: the models, the clothes, accessories, the music, the lighting, everything. People were excited for the music tonight for than any other night it seemed. Or maybe it was just me who was excited, dancing my pants off!

One show/store than really stood out to me this evening was iHeart. Those clothes were my type more than any other store. Another show that really stood out to me was Biton, but not as not much for the clothes, but more for the performance. I will always remember Biton for their creativity in Charleston Fashion Week 2009. Girls were giving boys angry glances; girls and boys embraced one another in an intimate way. They drove the crowd crazy.

There is a also a free after party this evening that starts now, so I'm going to sign off, so I can rep TheDigitel and chill with my Digitalians. There's only one more night of the events, so make sure and stay tuned!

-- CMG

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Brian Wilder

Biton. Biton. Biton!

That’s all I can really say about CFW ’09 day four! They had an amazing motif when it came to the models tonight. They pretty much orchestrated model fights for their entire runway show. They definitely took the attention away from everyone else tonight.

Like I said, I am a major supporter of menswear and Biton did not fail in that category. Mr. Chelsie Ravenell (one of our six model bloggers) did not fail to please the female persuasion tonight. Like I said, if given the chance, I will change my name to Chelsie Ravenell II just to take a lot of the pressure off of him, you know?

The one boutique that surprised me the most was Mary Mojo. Granted, this correspondent has laid his eyes on a fair share on 60s/70s-inspired fashion over the last few days, Mojo has to have had the best execution I have seen thus far, Job well done.

The quote of the night goes to Ms. Katie Kern, runway model extraordinaire, when she told me: “I don’t care what you do this summer, just remember that you and I are going to be roomies!”

Honestly, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

I look forward to seeing the lot of you tonight at the emerging designers’ finale tomorrow. And I am more than prepared to give you my two cents on the most important night of the week.

Until then…

-- BJW

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The final word from Stella French

Read more stories on this subject in our Charleston Fashion Week topic page.

The schedule:
7:05 Teal
7:25 V2V

8:05 I Heart
8:25 Biton

9:05 Mary Mojo
9:25 Gwynn's

The media bags were poppin’ tonight. Everyone in seats got one, but securing seats was a serious situation today.

So tonight I was an alternate model for Gwynn's. What does that mean? That means that I went to rehearsals left, right, and forward to practice my look and runway walk and poses. Well let me tell you that I never could get my look at the end of the runway down, so good thing everyone showed up for Gwynn's line-up today. Because those models rocked it!! Instead I got amazing hair and make-up, courtesy of Stella Nova, and looked like a punk rock princess after Russian make-up artist Elina Mille did my make-up. I got a ton of coverage of the hair/make-up tent with the camera. Models were running around the back, looking fabulous, stripping down, and making sure everything was perfect! OMFG - there was soooo much energy back there. I was more than happy to return to the media pit and drink and and schmooze.

Oh, and did you know there was a writer for Vogue in the pit? Yep! Miss Alexandra Mack.

I kept the McQ for Target look going. Tonight I wore a black see-though industrial knit bondage top over an electric blue dress that barely covered all that matters. Go Alexander McQueen!! Take that Kate Moss!! The Street Team was like, "Stella, do you even have a torso?" Probabaly not, not since I grew into these legs when I was twelve! Well I am sure that Brian and Charlotte will tell you alllll about the runway tonight, but I loved how Biton's show was ruthless. At the end, one of our model bloggers, Bianca, had a faux make-out session with male model Kyle. I am sure the pics are blowing up the internet as I type. HOT!!

The media bags were poppin' tonight. Everyone in seats got one, but securing seats was a serious situation today. We only had two seats! Yikes! Each bag got a $25 gift certificate to Biton. If anyone wants to combines gift certificates, call me or look me up on missed connections on Craigslist. We can get a pair of Gucci sunglasses and just trade them off amongst ourselves! Team work at it's finest!

So tonight TheDigitel Street Team was assigned seats closer to the runway entry, so we had to snap pictures fast. But we got everything tweeted and rocked out Twitter for the second night in a row!

After the show, we all booked it to the Music Farm to get our dance on with the Spaced Invaders. Alex and Jason were video scratching and it was off the hook! Old Skool hip hop to some video scratching? Count me in. Rogue Dynamic Productions provided the break dancing and visual poi treats! They got everyone in the mood and dancing along.

At first the Music Farm wasn't letting anyone under 21 in the doors. The models were stranded outdoors, dying to get in. They just wanted to dance, like the dancing queens they turned out to be! Thanks to Kirsten at the Music Farm and Red Bull, we were able to get those beautiful girls in. They continued to stun the crowd on the dance floor, looking stunning with full hair and make-up from their shows! They were the life of the party! We love our CFW models! The Red Bull VIP lounge was blowing up above the crowd. Everyone was begging to get a silver bracelet. Thanks Jason for hooking us up!!

Time for bed! My sister just turned 17 this week! She models in Charlotte and is beyond stoked about coming down with her girlfriends to rock CFW with TheDigitel!

Alexandra French! I love you and I am sooo proud of you, hun! Can't wait to get blown away by the ELD tomorrow with you and your fashionable entourage!

-- Stella

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Now, stay tuned for tonight's Emerging Designer Competition finalist
and the Final Gala, it all starts at 6:45.