Blues on the Dock draws new crowd to Bowen's Isle

Image by Flickr user Mika Hiironniemi He's no Steve James but he has the blues just the same...

As the Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto festivals get under way, the coordinators thought it fit to kick off the festivities with a weekend of blues, blues and more blues.

Read more stories on this subject in our Spoleto topic page.The 'Blues on the Dock' event, which featured the musical talents of national act, Steve James, not only gave festival goers an opportunity to no only sample some primo blues tunes, but gave a glimpse into some major renovations and additions that Bowen's Island Restaurant has in store for future patrons.

From what I could tell, the main dining area will be sat on stilts and is modeled after a traditional southern-style beach bungalow. Lots of large windows overlooking the water and original dock area round out the new construction.

In regards to the music, I went in with a rather preconceived notion that white people didn't know a lick about the blues and what it meant to struggle and suffer. Drawing from the sentiments of some of the blues purists, I immediately counted Mr. James out before really giving him a fair chance.

It was when he played a medley that discussed everything from his sightseeing excursions up and down Route 1 in Louisiana to the less-than-savory relationship(s) he had from here to Fort Worth and places in between.

This is when I realized that everyone has problems and the blues has more so been used as a conduit for individuals to get their deepest and darkest feelings out to a crowd, or to no one at all. Either way it transcends race and culture. This was the true beauty of 'Blues on the Dock'.

And if you have a spare moment, I suggest you make the trip out to Bowen's Island this weekend or next to get a little higher than you were before.