#MYR Start-ups: Bryish Sport App brought to you by 5th graders

Holly Roesing, Cooper Bryson, Baker Parrish, and John Sanders, chairman of the Grand Strand Technology Council

Bryish Sport App comes to us from an atypical source - the Technology Club at Lakewood Elementary School

`On Thursday, February 23, 2012, the Grand Strand Technology Council hosted a program featuring the best websites and apps, with preference given to those that were locally developed.  Presenting were Holly Roesing, a technology teacher at Lakewood Elementary, and students, Cooper Bryson and Baker Parrish

Ms. Roesing leads Lakewood's Technology Club of which Baker and Cooper are members.  Over the past few months, the boys not only attended meetings, but also spent lunch and recess periods together, developing the Bryson Sport App.

The app is designed for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone and provides the most current sports scores from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA basketball, baseball, and football.  While it hasn't been released for purchase yet, you can find pre-order information here.

For the latest from the Bryson/Parrish duo and their future projects, stay tuned to their Bryish Sport App Facebook page here.

The program was held at ITT Tech and administrators honored the boys and their teacher for their outstanding accomplishment.

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