8 PowerBars, 3 laptops, and a Gucci letter opener

Image by Flickr user The Master Shake Signal No word if the PowerBars were consumed during the robbery.

That headline represent the highlights of a robbery that occurred in late July of the offices of Hellman Yates Attorneys at Law at 145 King Street.

With the Gucci letter opener takin top place as the single most expensive item, $2,500.

To be sure, numerous other less notable items were taken and there was noteworthy vandalism done by the two males suspects that are still being sought after and believed to be between 17 and 23 years of age.

Numerous press release rehashes about, but I'll point you to the one at ABC News 4 for more details.

Let's just hope the laptops have been trashed by trying to use those "PowerBars" for batteries.

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