14-year-old who shot schoolmate sentenced to 40 years in prison

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Update September 2: On Thursday afternoon, Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson Jr. sentenced the now 16-year-old Derell Green to 40 years behind bars for the 2010 murder of 17-year-old Larry Taron Maybank.

The Post and Courier has the update on the sentencing; read it here.

Update September 1:

Family Court Judge Judy McMahon ruled this afternoon that 14-year-old murder suspect Derrell Green will be tried as an adult.

The Post and Courier has the update.

First reporting: A Family Court hearing will continue today in order to determine if 14-year-old Derrell Green, who is accused of shooting a classmate execution-style on school grounds with a stolen .38-caliber revolver back in February, will be tried as an adult in the murder case.

Green is accused of shooting 17-year-old Larry Maybank twice in the back because he was beaten up and robbed of a gold necklace. The boys were both students at Daniel Jenkins Academy, which caters to students with discipline problems.

According to The Post and Courier, Green's attorneys described him as a child who still has a spark of hope and a love for Tom and Jerry cartoons. However, Green was arrested for disturbing school and running away from home last year and has a record of being disruptive in class, violating curfew and mouthing off to teachers.

As noted above, the hearing will continue today, but catch up on all of yesterday's courtroom action in today's Post and Courier.

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