Former Deer Track course in Surfside (update: Owners maintain development intentions)

Steve Rhode

Update November 15th, 2011: The owners were denied Chapter 11 bankruptcy but have managed to get the property pulled from a foreclosure sale.

There's still little hope that the residents will be able to buy the property and re-open the golf course. The current owners are in negotiations with the bank and insist they will build more homes on the land as they have intended to since they bought the property for $8 million in 2006. As usual, Al Blondin has the nitty gritty.

Update July 5th: The current owners of Deer Track have filed for bankruptcy which has stopped the foreclosure process.

The Deerfield residents poised to buy back the Deer Track golf course won't be able to purchase it as they had planned. Al Blondin at The Sun News fills us in.

 First Report: The Deer Track course nestled within Deerfield Plantation has been in limbo for over 5 years since it was bought with the intentions of turning it into more houses. 

Some Deerfield residents didn't like the development plan for the land and have held up the builder's progress with lawsuits until the property went into foreclosue. Now they want to buy the land and re-open the course. Al Blondin has all the details including what the current landowner has to say. Read it here.