Ginormous tiger shrimp turn up in local nets

Image by Flickr user naturalkindsImage by 20081207-tiger-shrimp.jpg

Over the last several weeks several giant "tiger shrimp" have been caught off South Carolina's coasts.

The shrimp can weigh a half-pound and get as big as a lobster. They are native to Southeast Asia but are farmed in the Caribbean -- it's speculated that recent hurricanes could have pushed some out to sea and up our way.

Though exact cause of their appearance in local waters is not yet know, but the S.C. Department of Natural Resources does not classify them as a threat -- largely because their small numbers cause far too many unknowns to determine their impact. And it's also unknown if more are being caught in recent years, or simply that more shrimpers are reporting their capture.

Attempts at farming the decapods in South Carolina during the '80s met with little success.

Head over to The Island Packet for lots more info, and thanks to The State for tipping us off.

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