Study: Bridge path is good for area, but group says we need more

Image by Flickr user johnpiercy Image by 20090328-bridge.jpg

A new study of the pedestrian and bike path on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge says that the path encourages tourism, increased exercise, and successfully serves as an alternate path for people to get to work or run errands.

And at a Thursday press conference, those findings were used as a call for more interconnectivity of the area's various bike and pedestrian paths.

"This information should make everyone get serious about more of these provisions for pedestrians and cyclists, said Don Sparks, one of the founders of Charleston Moves. "It's not just about recreation and fun. It’s key to our transportation and the health of our communities."

Below is a video of the full conference (courtesy of Charleston Moves), but for more information you can check out The Post and Courier's solid write-up, or the full report and its methodology.