No Myrtle Beach Pride this year

Flickr user Elsie esq.


Myrtle Beach South Carolina Gay Pride was a group trying to form a community center, we lost the Center Project last year, now we are losing our current fiscal sponsor, the Horry County Arts and Cultural Center, they are closing due to funding and participation .

Well we also face Money and participation problems, as well as Charlotte chose the same day as our festival. However at this time this site is closed. And the Myrtle Beach Pride group is no more. we wish our community the best.

There is a future for Pride in Myrtle Beach, but regrettably this is not the year for Myrtle Beach Pride. To have a Pride Celebration it takes more than a few people. It takes a community, a community interested in creating a positive group with volunteers and a common goal in mind. Let's give it a few years and maybe the idea of being an organization and community spirit will be revitalized with positive energy from a new generation .

All 2011 contributions, and vendor fees are being returned, goods reimbursed, and any left over "cash on hand" will be given to SC Pride, Red Ribbon friends, & The Light House.