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Time stamp: May 8, 2010.

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But what is this 'digitel?'

So glad you asked!

Instead of having to read through an armada of Web sites and tweets, reading TheDigitel allows you to just check in with a few of your favorite publications without worrying if you're missing a great story.

We accomplish this by blending the great parts of 1980s news reporting and the 2010s attributes of speed, agility, and openess. This means we do a lot of reporting, help you find the best reporting from other local organizations, and have an open platform where you can contribute by pointing out great coverage or writing a bit of your own.

If you're curious about how we go about doing this and what it looks like, check out our Charleston site and this article about us in PBS's MediaShift.

TheDigitel: It's easy, local, complete.

Drop us a note at beaufort@thedigitel.com or ping us on Twitter @TheDigitelBFT.

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