Island Packet: Despite law's delay, Ridgeland would be wise to cease traffic cameras now

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The words may not be done yet, but the Packet says Richland ought to be smart enough to get the hint.

A case of a tortoise legislature? 

If you've been following the nearly never-ending saga of the traffic camera debate that has ensnarled the town of Ridgeland and its partner iTraffic and the moves-so-slow-it-will-never-get-a-ticket South Carolina Legislature, you'll know that a bill set to block the town's use of cameras was derailed on the last day* of the regular legislative session.

(*That is, last day if Haley doesn't have her way, and it's possible the bill could be passed in an "emergency" session of the Legislature.)

Well, The Island Packet can read the tea leaves pretty well and says Ridgeland ought to be able to see that despite the slow pace, the tortoise will clearly one day make life hard for the Ridgeland-iTraffic partnership, and that the town would be wise to stop using the cameras ASAP. 

Take a read of their editorial here.

In related news, the ongoing legal action against the cameras is continuing with a revised set of complaints being filed; the Packet has a report.

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