After South Carolina, Gingrich wins a second state: Georgia

Flickr user Gage Skidmore

After winning South Carolina in January, Newt Gingrich looked poised to take Florida, too — but it's been cold turkey for the candidate since the Palmetto State.

Well, until last night when he won 47% of Georgia (with 96% reporting) for the bigger chunk of the state's 76 delegates. Gingrich won across the Georgia landscape except in the Atlanta area and Savannah's Chatham County where Mitt Romney held on for a lead (map).

And with the win, the candidate seems to be increasing his bets on staying in the game with a "Southern strategy". On the tails of what seems probable to be his only Super Tuesday victory, Gingrich now looks to Alabama and Mississippi's primaries on next Tuesday, and Kansas which holds a caucus Saturday.

The New York Times has penned a solid piece looking at the path before Gingrich.

But if you're one of South Carolina's many Gingrich fans, he clearly has a long way to go before getting the nomination — and he has to show he can win outside the South.

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