iTraffic: Class action traffic camera lawsuit should be dismissed

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While the iTraffic-Ridgeland traffic camera enforcement on I-95 is dead following a new state law (and pending revival from a new state study), the legal battle continues in the courts.

At play is still the meandering class action lawsuit that alleges racketeering and wire and mail fraud. However, in the latest counter, iTraffic says the class action can't be held, as the lead plaintiffs have not yet suffered injury as their criminal court cases for the tickets have yet to be heard.

I'll shoot you to The Island Packet for a rundown; take a read here.

The timing of the latest challenge to the lawsuit strikes as curious, as it comes just days after the iTraffic operation was banned, something that may well free the plaintiffs from the traffic tickets and could dissipate the class action lawsuit. 

Also, a footnote in the latest challenge is the correspondence between iTraffic and Ridgeland; you can read about that here.

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