Beaufort hopes new touchscreen system will connect tourists with businesses

The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday unveiled a touchscreen system that it hopes will connect visitors with Beaufort-area businesses willing to advertise on the system.

You can head on over to the Island Packet for a writeup on the new touchscreen, how much it costs and how much it'll cost to advertise on it.

The system was created by Savannah-based BlueFocus Media, and the board's are found throughout downtown Savannah. 

Will it be successful in Beaufort? Does Beaufort see the type of tourist who would be willing to use a 42-inch touchscreen?

Does Beaufort have the type of tourist who wants coupons texted to their phone?

Why not provide the coupon/business profile functionality of the touchscreen on the existing website?

Guess time will tell whether this works.

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